Acceptable for everyone

WebPlatform is our leading platform with innovative trading tools and world-class speed performance. The client part is designed for trading and technical analysis in real-time. Several types of orders allow you to issue orders for operations immediately or upon reaching the agreed price. There is a possibility to provide automatic trading.

The platform stands for high-standards of technology, which directly links you to the market via any browser. You can fulfill various functions on the market, like exploring many options of a portfolio, or trading with just a few clicks. For that, you need a good Internet connection. WebTrader is indeed a one-click platform opening the world of online trading for everyone. The account history will impress even a real expert in online trading. Simple, smart, convenient – you have found what you were looking for.

The main perks of the platform

Intuitive interface and high functionality

Many functions are offered in one platform with a very convenient and simple interface. You can benefit from professional technical analysis. The integrated news feed and calendars are at your service as well.

Easy to use

The very clear platform, which doesn’t require the installation, you can trade directly from the web page. You can also trade from any device you want, starting from a laptop, and finishing with a mobile device.

Supports 18 languages

Suits to the customers from all over the world, which makes trading way more user-friendly. People from various countries have the chance to trade in their native tongue.

Full Social Trading integration

You can watch and follow the pros trades, as well as there is an active Forex trading community available to help at any time. You can learn from the best and therefore become one.

Why traders trust WebTrader?

WebTrader makes use of a powerful technical engine for trading with strong functionality so that you could easier carry out many trading strategies, send trading orders, define entry and exit points and perform any task, like on the well-known MetaTrader platform.

You can access the market all the time. With WebPlatform you can easily open and close positions, create and modify orders. Our WebTrader platform emphasizes on information protection, taking all the necessary measures to maintain safety at every step. This platform is a universal social trading platform. Many traders choose WebTrader.