A financial market represents a mediator through which assets are traded, giving opportunity buyers and sellers to interact, as well as to conduct smooth exchanges. It is very important to select a trading asset, which suits you the most. The key is to investigate and to study the markets and their features to detect the most profitable for you. You should pay attention to the importance of volume, volatility, and liquidity when choosing the right market.

Before starting to trade in the financial markets, you should decide what assets you wish to work with. Fortunately, progress in technology has resulted in a diverse range of trading instruments now being available.

An asset class is a group of securities that have alike features, perform comparably in the marketplace, and are ruled by the same laws and regulations. Among the major asset classes, you can find stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, and commodities.

Usually, asset classes are mixed to differ an investor’s portfolio and reduce its volatility. Each asset offers various risks and return characteristics and responds differently in the market. Asset classes are affected by the news differently as well. For instance, a piece of news may be positive for stocks, negative for bonds, but not have any impact on cash or real estate.

To find out what kind of assets you want to trade, study their peculiarities, and then choose the most favorable one. NeoTrade provides you the most popular asset classes to services.

NeoTrade markets


Forex represents a system consisting of sellers enhancing currency with each other at an agreed price. The Forex market is very volatile, that is one of the reasons, why it remains so popular among traders for a long time. You can choose over 60 currency pairs, including the most popular major currencies.


Commodities are the raw material crucial for the world’s economy. In the trading society, those materials are traded like currency. You can either trade hard or soft commodities. One of the main benefits of this market is that they remain unaffected by the ups and downs of currencies and the stock market.


Indexes represent the calculation of the price of a group of shares via an exchange process. Make use of main stock markets without paying commission fees and with good leverage. You can choose among 60 major indices with the excellent spread betting and CFDs provider. Just find out, which one is the perfect choice for you.


The stock market allows traders to earn on the stock of big companies without even holding them. It can be either an instant process or a long one, depending on the stock type. The stock market alters very often so that traders can earn a lot if they are agile enough. To achieve that we offer you to cooperate with more than 500 companies.


Metal trading usually includes gold and silver in the process. The gold trading market has been existing for a long time. It offers convenient liquidity so that the traders could earn on both the long and short sides. Silver is also one of the most traded metals. Trading metals permits you to diversify your portfolio in a good way.


Energy trading constitutes the trading of the energy elements, like oil, gas, etc in the world of finance. In the trading society, energy derivatives exist in the form of options, futures, or swap agreements. The crude oil market has great liquidity, so the traders can trade on short or long sides.