Take under your control of precious metals. Benefit from wheat, sugar and so much more. Commodity trading has existed in history for thousands of years. However, today the process of trading is a little different than it used to be, although the principal remains still. NeoTrade grants the opportunity to trade different commodities, like metals, energy, and soft commodities.

The commodity is the raw material, which is the backbone of the international economy. Those raw materials are traded across countries as currency. There are two main types of commodities, namely soft and hard. Soft commodities mean agriculture, and hard ones – metals and energy resources. Commodities are also traded as futures.

Market overview

NeoTrade presents leading spreads and analysis tools to minimize the risks while studying the market. The commodities are so popular because they are not that much affected by the ups and downs of currencies and the stock market. Moreover, they are so useful for creating an impressive investment portfolio.

You can try different ways to participate in the online trading of commodities. One of the most popular ways is trading CFDs (contracts for difference). Simply put, you get the chance to take a position on a commodity’s price without actually owning the asset. You can also profit from falling markets even, you can speculate within many markets on one platform.